Monday, June 1, 2009

Olympus Mju 1030 waterproof to 10m! Yeah, right.

On Saturday the sea was so smooth and inviting that we launched the two inflatables and went off to the Meyer islands on a snorkelling expedition.
It was good to get out on the water again, although the water temperature seems to have dropped a little in the last few days. Visibility was stunning. We found ourselves accompanied by some large skinny kingfish and a few kahawai but my general impression was of a rather impoverished submarine environment: there was no hint of the huge spectrum of colour and form that you would expect to see in tropical waters or even in NZ with its colourful kelp and seaweed. The range of fish was also diminished with no sharks at all encountered this trip.

Big casualty of the day was my camera, which let in water to the battery compartment and shut itself down. Probably forever. Here is one of its last recorded images – Bas snorkelling above me.The dead camera joins many other items of electrical equipment that struggle here with the humidity and heat. I have now taken to storing my other electrical bits and pieces in dry bags with sachets of silica packed away with them, in an effort to reduce the rate of attrition.

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