Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bigboy again

Bigboy again - he's very photogenic!

One of Bigboy's harem - there were three females with him here

Two more underwater shots for your enjoyment.
The water is particularly clear, as you can see, but these fish are easy to photograph because they hang around in a mere two metres of water. Bigboy is very inquisitive and often arrives to say hello to snorklers as soon as they jump into the water. This has made for some anxious moments for those who are slightly nervous (because of sharks etc) as he has no idea of personal space and is often right in your face as soon as your eyes get focussed under the sea. Sometimes we need to be careful of landing on him when we leap off the rocks.
These groupers all begin life as females and then can change sexes as they get older. They can live to be a hundred years or so - a good argument for Marine Reserves, don't you think?
Bigboy was accompanied by three smaller females this time, with lighter colouring. All four fish trailed along behind us as we circumnavigated Fishing Rock.
He gets a bit stroppy with the girls at times, and has been seen giving them a nip if they get in his way. Clearly the feminist ethic has yet to make it into the world of large fish!

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