Thursday, April 30, 2009

Red Wine and Swine Flu

Once more, John was the perfect host at his house when we had navigated through the Wellington traffic after disembarking from the ferry.

The wine flowed freely as we awaited the arrival of Jen, Doug and Margot to assist with the consumption of John's cooking and all the whitebait we had brought with us from the South Island. Naturally, the talk revolved around the outbreak of swine flu, which D and M were busy supervising. A phone call from D confirmed that he may not be able to leave the Beehive basement and join us for dinner.

But join us they did! And it's fair to say that D was fairly vibrating with excitement at the impending apocalypse, dashing out to answer his urgent calls and summoning M for briefings in the hallway. It was all very exciting.

The gesture of the evening was "shut it down", kindly modelled here by Gaye:

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Glenniss said...

Hi Neil, Glenniss here, now writing from Kathmandu. Going trekking in Langtang area tomorrow which is a bit different from Coast to Coast. So I shall be following you (and Gaye)on Raoul.
Oh Wendy and I enjoyed substantial refreshment at Little River after the CtoC!
Improve the World - Love Glen