Monday, April 27, 2009

Stress City!

Time to leave home.
Months of preparation and planning were totally insufficient when pitched against some determined hard-bitten procrastination. Packing six months worth of equipment in a day is not the most relaxing way to start an adventure but it had to be done. Here is our list:

- 10 cotton t-shirts/shirts/singlets
- 5 pairs of shorts
- 3 caps/hats
- 8 pairs of socks
- 2 sarongs
- 8 pairs of underpants
Warm clothes for winter:
- Polypropylene tops and long johns
- Jersey/sweatshirt
- Bush shirt/swanndri/polar fleece
- Raincoat and overtrousers (PVC, flexothane or old goretex etc that's OK getting trashed)
- Overalls
- Comfortable clothing for evenings, including some warm gear
- Fancy dress gear for the occasional party

NOTE that due to the hot humid climate it is advisable to bring loose, airy, cotton garments of light colour. Plenty of them too, if you are there spring, summer and autumn, as you will be doing lots of sweating. This also applies to socks and underwear. Wear and tear on clothes is very high on Raoul.

- Lightweight sleeping bag/or duvet
- Sleeping bag liner/or sheets
- CLEAN tent/bivvy bag if you think you may want to camp away from huts in the weekends
- Good sized daypack, of 35-40 litres. (Daypacks are provided for use by permanent staff).
- Overnight pack of 60-90 litres
- Drink bottles (1.5 litres x 2)
- Waterproof container for camera gear
- Sunglasses x 2
- Headlamps and torch
- Rechargeable batteries and charger.
- multitool knife
- scissors?
- lighter

- Towel
- Toothpaste x 8 medium tubes
- Toothbrushes x 4
- Sun block x 2-3 bottles
- Razors (electric is okay, but take blades as well in case it breaks down)
- Deodorant
- Sufficient tampons etc
- Personal first aid kit for field use when you are not working
- Liniment, arnica cream etc
- Consider a plastic, sealable container for personal items
- nailclippers
- hairbuzzer
- ventolin

- Steel capped boots for workshop and potential toe-crushing jobs
- Ordinary leather boots for weeding/tramping. Raoul is hard on boots, so two pairs of general work boots are advisable.
- Jandals/sandals. Sports sandals are excellent.
- Sandshoes/cross trainers are also useful
- Dubbin/Snoseal for boots
- Spare bootlaces
-Gaiters/putties (knee height)

Leisure Equipment
- Books (there is a library with a reasonably good selection of old and new books)
- Tapes, videos, DVDs (there is a TV with video player and DVD player, and a stereo for tapes, CDs and LPs) Sopranos, Outrageous Fortune, Kubrick
- Cameras – Olympus, Panasonic, video + cables, batteries + chargers. Firewire.
- Laptop power cord and memory stick
- Snorkeling equipment
- drybags – all of them
- Wet suit / masks/ weights/ fins/ rash vest
- For boating, a “shortie” wetsuit has been found to be useful.
- Stamps and envelopes for letter writing.
- Favourite cookbooks
- Chess board and clock
- Other games
- Passports
- Binoculars
- Two way radios x2
-ipods, dock and connection wires
- bungee for camera
- pg string
- kayak, paddle, buoyancy vest, deck for the SURF on our front doorstep!!!

Brewing kits for afterwards
Bottle caps to keep the beer in the bottles
Coffee beans (feed the addiction)
Plunger mugs
Coffee bean grinder


colin said...

Ok Neil and Gaye, I'm onto you two now! Looking forward to 'enjoying' your trip with you from a distance. Be safe and well.

Colin B.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying The Raoul Report and hearing about our son, Gareth. You tell us more than he does.

anieb said...

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