Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Idling on a Sunday

Last Sunday was a little cooler than usual, so three of us set out to visit the local hotsprings, which are 300m down the beach in front of the hostel. The water is about 75 degrees and bubbles up out of the beach at the low tide waterline. You need to grab a strategically placed barrel and use a bucket to fill it with the appropriate mixture of sea and hot water.

Then you climb inside and soak. By afternoon the surf was looking inviting so the kayak came out of its hiding place under the bush at the end of the track. Surfing at Raoul can be a little daunting when you focus too much on the sharks or the fact that there is nothing but sea for 1000km in every direction. This is not a good place to miss your roll. For that reason we have a protocol that there is always a watcher or swimmer at hand when you go into the water. On the other hand, if you want a particular wave – hey, it’s yours! If not, there’s always another one.
That's good enough for me!

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