Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mail Call

There is an interesting file in the library entitled “Letters to Raoul Island.”

Most letters in it have been received from stamp collectors or hobbyists like the retired Dutch gentleman who was writing to every remote island in the world in order to collect their franks on a return letter.

The one transcribed below was received on 10 March 1982 when Raoul was an exclusively male weather station, remote and isolated. (Interesting factoid: Karen the TV1 weather girl was the first woman to be stationed here by the meteorological service, in 1988/89)

You can decide for yourself how far the bullshit meter went into the red zone.

Letter addressed to:
The Officer-in-Charge
NZ Meteorological Service
Weather Station
Raoul Island

Hello there!

I would very much like to befriend a New Zealand male based at Raoul Island, and I am wondering if you would pass this on to some single guy there who would like to be spoiled by an Australian girl. I am 24 years of age, single by choice, long blonde hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, slim, 5’3 ins high, and I am a flight hostess with Qantas (our Australian Airline).

A few years ago my parents (both truly wonderful folk!) moved to New Zealand and bought a magnificent farm here so I spend most of my off-duty time here at the farm. My most exciting and most satisfying experiences have always been with Kiwi guys – not city slickers but the quieter outdoor type. I also feel New Zealand has the best way of life to offer. I was brought up on a farm in Australia so I have a great love for nature and wildlife and the outdoors. I haven’t been brought up in any religion at all, in fact both my parents have belonged to a Liberal Nudist Club since I was a wee babe and that nudist group has been like an extended family for me.

I’ll try to convey to you something of myself to help you decide who would be the most suitable guy to pass this on to! A few years ago my parents bought me a unit overlooking the harbour at Elizabeth Bay in Sydney so the guy I befriend would be ever so welcome to spend holidays with me here or in Sydney. I’m expert in figure ice-skating and I’ve been very successful in three ice-skating championship competitions in New South Wales. I spend a lot of time at the beach, and swimming. I enjoy disco dancing and like a wide range of music, even light classical. Play the piano and the guitar. Enjoy a drink, but not heavily. Don’t smoke. I have one brother and he’s now training with the Australian Navy. He’s tall and terribly good-looking and very sensuous. Unfortunately he isn’t a bit interested in farm management so I’ll have to try and eventually marry a guy (preferably Kiwi!) who is interested in the land as it would be great to keep the farm in the family, and my parents would like to retire back in Sydney.

I’ll be totally frank with you and tell you that in recent years I’ve become bi-sexual so the guy I become friendly with would have to be broadminded sexually. I adore sexual intimacy in every form possible – with no exception whatsoever. With me, what I look for most in a male is his degree of sensuality – his depth of appreciation of our female sexuality – a “vagina man” as us girls in Aussie would say! I hope you understand what I mean. His looks or age or occupation or background or bank balance are not as important as this particular quality. I’m no longer interested in “one night stands.” I seek ongoing friendships – someone sincere and worthwhile to intimately share myself with. My idea of friendships is a giving and taking- a mutual sharing. I certainly won’t allow any money to be spent on me – whenever there is any expenses we share them. (By the way I would prefer someone with a cassette recorder as letter writing is very time consuming and we could exchange cassette tapes which is far more personal.)

So, if you know of any spunk-laden guy there who would appreciate making contact, I’d be so grateful if you would pass this on to him.


Julie Rosenberg

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