Saturday, July 25, 2009

Déjà vu all over again

On Friday afternoon Craig trotted off to Denham Bay for a quiet weekend away from it all. Last time he made this trip, GNS man Andrew had his accident and had to be medevaced off the island by helicopter.

This morning the HMNZS Canterbury loomed into view, with the intention of slowing up slightly as their Seasprite helicopter dropped us some supplies, then carrying on to Samoa for manoeuvres once their chopper was back on deck.

Unfortunately, one of the two yachts anchored off our southern coastline called for medical assistance right about the time the Canterbury made its appearance. They don’t have a doctor on board, so the only one for a thousand kilometres in all directions was pressed into action once again.
Seasprite in action today
Yes, our own DOC doc, Gaye.

This meant the Seasprite had to pick her up as the Canterbury circled the island in order to heave-to close to the yachts. They landed on the ship, while the ill sailor was retrieved from her yacht by the Canterbury's small boat.

Gaye is now on first name terms with some of the Canterbury crew, having sailed back here with them after her last adventure with a medevac.

Further tests were made on the warship and it was decided an evacuation was necessary, so Gaye and patient were flown back on to the island in order for that to be arranged (manouevres can't wait).

The unwell sailor is staying with us. The medevac helicopter leaves from the mainland for Raoul at midnight tonight and will arrive here at dawn, while Canterbury steams on to sunny Samoa.

Tomorrow afternoon, Craig will walk back in from Denham Bay and say, “Did you have a nice weekend?”

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