Friday, July 17, 2009

Good News!

Good news! The Campaign ( a passing yacht) dropped in two fish bins of mail and parts for broken down machines.
Thanks, Tony!
The goodies included my replacement underwater camera - thanks, Tony! In celebration we jumped in with Big Boy the grouper and his mate after we had seen off the yachties, and I put the new camera through its paces.
Big Boy the grouper


Gina pats Big Boy
As an extra bonus I discovered my wetsuit had expanded in the weeks we have not been in the water, so it was MUCH easier to wriggle in and out of....


Tony Br said...

Ya, that's pretty impressive service. Obviously Raoul Island isn't THAT remote afterall! You are supposed to put in a plug for Photo and Video as well and a big thankyou to Matt for getting the order to DOC in time.

zinsmeister said...

Dear weeders/writers,
I don't know if you are good weerders, but what I know for sure
is that you are good writers.
We enjoyyour reports very much and we are loking forward every dayfor the next delivery. We have now a good impression of your daily pursuits.
Before the expedition started we had the idea tht we would not hear
anything from Bas for a half year.
But see now! Every week a telephone
call and your reports several times a week. What a differance with the first "round the world trip of Bas in the 80th : Communication by poste-restante..
Greetings from Jaap (father of Bas)t