Monday, July 6, 2009

A neat photo

Photo: John Mac
This is a neat photo, taken at the Meyer Islands a few weeks back.

I like it because of the muted colours, the balanced composition and the detail in the rockpool. The fish are clearly visible at the top and the weed amazingly detailed at the bottom of the frame. Also you can see the reflected image of a seabird in flight on the right hand side, in the middle, so you get a clear sense of all three dimensions here.

Best of all is the distinctive hatted silhouette of John Mac, the photographer, spreading the fingers of his right hand out wide to block off the light and show off the fronds of seaweed in the rockpool. Most photographers (and viewers of photgraphs) consciously pretend they are not part of the scene they are attempting to capture, even though science tells us that an observer always has an influence on the thing being watched.

It’s my new desktop image on the laptop.

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Elizabeth said...

This IS a really cool picture, you can so tell that it's dad cause of the cow boy hat! haha