Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunshine Camp

This weekend was a long one for us – Vollies’ Day Off– so Gaye, Gina and I went across to Sunshine Camp via Mahoe Hut for the night on Friday.

Sunshine Camp is on the eastern side of the island – this map will show you exactly where.

The camp itself looks a little like a Christmas tree as all visitors seem to have taken it upon themselves to hang at least one stray fishing buoy on the branches of the trees as a commemoration of their stay there.
Sunshine Camp
There are lots of these buoys on the coastline around here, as well as the wreckage of the Picton, which went aground at the campsite, and plenty of other detritus too. Most striking of all the various ornaments are the whale rib and backbone segment which have been propped up against a tree since the whale beached itself there in 2004.
Whale rib and backbone segment
We had a pleasant evening under the stars and set off up the coast, rockhopping, the next morning to make our way the 13 km or so back to the hostel.

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