Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flies on the wall

Our little island has an impressive and explosive geological history, as Gaye has written elsewhere.
Gaye and Bas using ropes
Bas looks for the sun
One outcome of the multiple "pyroclastic events" is a landscape of extremes with very little easy ground. As Craig observed in disgust, Low Flat Gully is neither low nor by any stretch of the imagination is it flat.

Our weeding task took us through Bell's Ravine last week. This is a steep-sided slot in the hillside that is characterised by multiple waterfalls. Working your way up to the top of the ravine means you have to be happy to do without the sun for a while and also to do some compulsory rock climbing.
Will she go all the way?
Gareth at the next step
The big waterfall at the top, with Gareth posing for scale effect

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