Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pukeko Sex Change Shock

Island ornithologists were stunned at the recent hatching of two chicks to the ‘civil union’ Pukeko couple of Lone Wolf and Boy George. Earlier confident predictions that the two birds were a same-sex union that was doomed to permanent breeding failure have been hastily revised. Boy George has been renamed Georgina.

In keeping with the spirit of New Zealand’s politicians and their limitless ability to preach restraint at the same time as they claim generous expenses from the public purse, Lone Wolf has decided that the feeding of his offspring is as much our responsibility as it is his own. He has taken to standing on the kitchen doorstep and screeching until the food arrives, then scuttling off to the little chicks with their breakfast in his beak. Whatever he gets, it’s never enough.

Both parents have also become very aggressive, which occasionally makes hanging laundry on the line outside the kitchen a challenging activity. One of them even had a pecking attack at a towel that was revolving insolently in the wind in the vicinity of their progeny.

The surprise development will make for interesting adjustments to the balance of power in the ongoing pukeko wars that rage around our homestead. The Eastsiders have also recently given in to their own need to breed, and are sitting on yet more clutches of eggs.

Undoubtedly they have done this in the hope of retaining their numerical supremacy.

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