Sunday, August 30, 2009

Problems we do need to worry about

To observe that risks and hazards are a part of everyday life here is to state the bleedin’ obvious. After all it is an isolated active volcano and the island sits precariously on one of the most earthquake-prone areas on earth.

Our guardian angels from the world of DOC officialdom do take our health and safety very seriously though. When we arrived we sat through hours and HOURS of risk management paperwork, carefully initialling each of the many hundreds of pages in the mighty tome that ultimately keeps us all secure. We covered every potential hazard and quickly learned that what cannot be controlled tends to be banned. Well, mostly.
Health and Safety are taken very seriously on the island

Yes, we read that we cannot visit the flagpole if an excess of alcohol has been consumed (someone once drank too much, fell off the cliff there and had to be evacuated with a broken arm)

But who warned us about encountering overprotective pukeko parents like Lone Wolf and Georgina? No-one.

Future residents of Raoul, please take the following short clip as your official caution.

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